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Our Story

In the years before our lives were filled with ice cream, Jackie and I were public school teachers. That’s how we met, at a school in the Bronx over twenty-five years ago. Jackie loved working with students and made teaching a career. I only lasted a couple of years before following a different path. Though I’d dreamed of running an ice cream shop since I was a kid I put that fantasy aside to pursue a career in the movies. I wrote a number of bad monster movies for SYFY Channel – but I couldn’t stop thinking about ice cream. 

Jackie’s love for working with people, the community, gave passion and fuel to the idea of opening a shop. A decade ago we did it. We opened a neighborhood shop in Prospect Heights on Vanderbilt Avenue. I was obsessed with Walt Whitman, so we named the shop from a line from LEAVES OF GRASS… 

“I too lived, Brooklyn of ample hills was mine.”

It was everything we hoped for. A community gathering spot filled with joy and love. We grew the business, building out shops in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Miami and even Disney World. But we made some critical mistakes. We grew too fast too soon. We took our eyes off the community where it all began.

 In the days before COVID shut down New York, we were forced to file for bankruptcy. We lost everything. But we didn’t lose our love for the city, for Brooklyn, our home. 

We spent the past year learning from our mistakes, and working on a new idea…the SOCIAL!

 Like so many people we are starting over. 

We may be a good bit older now, but we are still kids at heart. We love ice cream more than ever. Our dream is to harness the power of ice cream to transport us to a place where we can, if only for a few moments, see the world through the eyes of a child, alive with wonder and magic, and a belief that anything is possible. 

With Love & Happiness, 

Jackie & Brian